Indoor/ Outdoor Active Play

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. And when it comes to kids, the best form of physical activity is play! Both indoor and outdoor active play experiences are important for a child’s development. A positive, safe environment is very important for indoor or outdoor play. Play time should be in a safe and inviting environment and any equipment or materials used should also be safe, durable and appropriate for the age, ability.  That is why we carry quality manufactured products, so parents and caregivers can rest assured. Our outdoor products have the added benefit of providing children with space for carrying out  ‘gross motor’ activities such as jumping, running, climbing and leaping; while allowing children to get to know their environment and connect with nature; building strong hearts, muscles, and bones. Our indoor products allow children to enjoy imaginative play which helps to Foster social interaction skills; Developing movement and co-ordination, Improving thinking skills, Encouraging self-esteem, and  Developing emotional skills. So check out our Indoor and outdoor active play products.