School Orders

Little Zahra Bookstore is an approved vendor in a variety of school districts throughout the country. With our unbeatable product selection, we make your purchasing experience hassle-free – and affordable. We understand that each school district has there own unique set of purchasing needs, and we go above and beyond to meet those needs. We can implement a customized purchasing plan around products, pricing, and services for your district. This means you'll experience the same set of customized services every time you order making each purchase a personalized and easy experience.

We accept purchase orders. To setup, an account and place an order please send information to 

A personal sales associate will contact you with the following. 

  • You will receive an itemized invoice via email, with our vendor information.
  • You will receive shipping notifications.
  • You can track order status and purchase history online.
  • Your School District's Bulk Purchasing Discount is applied to each order.
  • Your payment preference, address, and shipping information will be retained for future use.

mailed purchase orders are processed within 24 - 48 hours of receipt. Our inventory availability and prices can change daily, and for closeout items, we often run out prior to receiving your PO.  

 For smaller orders, to lock in your order quantities and price, please place your order online.